Therapeutic Massage Therapy

My mission is to encourage and promote your body's innate healing process.

This happens through a collaborative effort between you, myself, and your healthcare team.

After our initial intake, and with your input, I curate a plan unique to your goals.

Ultimately, I hope you feel empowered in your body after our sessions.

Pricing is inclusive, I politely decline gratuity.

Physical Therapist

Pain Management Massage Therapy

Chronic Pain Relief
$240 90-minute Session

At least 3 sessions are recommended to see a lasting change from a chronic pain condition.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy uses a variety of techniques to provide deep and lasting relaxation to your muscular and skeletal problems for the treatment of immobility and pain. Designed to ease severe tension, it is used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface while focusing on the release of tension around specific nerve centers found throughout your body. It helps to improve range of motion and support injury recovery and is great for relieving cramped and overused muscles.

Customized Full Body Massage

Here for You
$165 60-minute Session

Treat yourself or a partner to a 60- or 90-minute full-body session of using massage cream with smooth, gliding strokes, supported passive joint movements, and gentle stretching. Using tension appropriate pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension, and support stress management. All of this will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki - Intuitive Energy Work

Balancing and Centering
$165 60-Minute Session

Reiki is both energy and a healing modality. Reiki uses a technique commonly called palm or hands-on healing that helps realign your body's natural energy flow through your chakras.

Through the use of this technique, practitioners transfer universal energy (i.e., reiki) in the form of qi (Japanese: ki) through the palms, which creates self-healing and a state of equilibrium.

Simply put Reiki is Spirit Energy that is accessed to bring another living thing into balance through energy healing. Through balance the body is able to heal itself; through balance, the emotions are able to flow; through balance, the mind is able to function in peace; and through balance, the spirit is able to exist in its greatest and highest good.

Image by Ella Jardim

“Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.”

Harriette Hartigan